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Welcome to the i-Trainer Support website. Here you will be able to troubleshoot any problems you may be having, download updates to your software, and contact support for other problems not able to be solved here.
This website has been designed to support the i-Trainer software. Updates, FAQ’s, Troubleshooting, and the latest ways to use the software is what this site is all about.

TIP: A better way to track workouts…
After a workout has been created and you have completed a session of the workout, instead of entering results for the session (by pressing the Enter Results button), edit the workout session itself by selecting the workout and pressing the Workout Information button. Make the changes to the session completed, and press Save (you will get a warning that can be ignored). After you complete each session of the workout, go back and change the workout session to what you actually did, and save the workout. When the workout for the week is complete, then you can enter the results for each session using the Enter Results button. Entering results is very fast since the workout sessions reflect what the results were and you can use the auto-fill right-click commands to fill in the entire workout with one click. Further, when you continue the workout for the next week, it will use the weights and reps actually used in the prior workout.

July 2007 - Windows Vista

Since Windows Vista has been released, we have been testing for compatibility with the i-Trainer Software. For comments on Vista Compatibility, click below:

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